About Us

One Finance was conceptualized by a group of people, all of whom had 10 to 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. They realized that many people are still denied the convenience of approaching banks for loans because they are not aware of where to start and whom to approach, or they are simply intimidated by the prospect of walking into a bank and asking for a loan. One Finance recognized the need for someone to hold the hand of such people and walk them through the loan process. The advantage One Finance has in this role is that it enjoys great working relationships with almost all major banks in the country, and has people in its team all of whom are very well versed in the banking system and know how a loan proposal makes its progress in stages upto final disbursement. One Finance prides itself as a banking intermediary who would be like a trusted advisor and a hands-on helper for someone who needs a loan. From help in understanding the eligibility and the documentary requirements, to providing explanation and information about the interest rates; from help in putting the application together; to submitting the completed documents to the concerned bank, One Finance would be with you from start to finish. All our processes are completely digital and you would not need to visit the bank branch even once. Once you create an account with us and we do your documentation for a particular loan, the process becomes even quicker for any subsequent loans that you might apply for through us. Let us see how exactly One Finance can help you. There are four simple steps involved.